Thursday, October 1, 2009

Franklin: Seasonal Decor

I’ve resigned myself to this fact: My brother is a slouch. A slovenly creature who doesn’t care a whit about his surroundings. I, on the other hand, am keenly interested in interior decoration. Today, I had a chance to assist with some of the early seasonal decorative efforts in my abode.

It started with the retrieval of an intriguing assortment of hardware and software from the storage room downstairs. We were leery…

What’s going on?

One of us decided to reconnoiter, the other to keep watch on what looked like an elaborate construction project.

You check it out -- I’ll keep watch.

From a bunch of metal pipes a somewhat identifiable structure appeared. Well, identifiable if you scrunched your head sideways and held a paw over your left eye.

What is this mysterious metal?

In a few minutes, an enormous effigy appeared, right in the middle of the room called “living.” Although, quite frankly—and yes, I delight in that term!—we do much more living in the cat tree than in this particular room. But I digress.

Upon the feature being placed upright, I decided to investigate.

Impressive Paws!

I moved to the upper expanses and continued my perusal.

Interesting use of fabric and texture here.
(Hmmm... is that string edible?)

Good grief, his front paws are bigger than I am!

I decided that in the interests of safety, I should do a full inspection. After all, we must be sure that this structure meets all safety standards and can hold the weight of, say, a cat or two if they should just happen to climb aboard in the middle of the night. And in fact, he appears to be able to withstand some amount of kitty mischief, although Winston and I will be doing more testing in the wee hours.

All in all...


I have to admit Scrappy is pretty darn cute!

Memo to Self: New Hiding Place

And he offers a great spot from which to pounce my brother and any passing humans! ^^