Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Win: Abandoned yet again

Frank and I have been less than amused. The human entity has been sparse around here these last two weeks, as certain people headed to some place called Europe, leaving us in the care of other family members who engage in what my brother and I call "drive-by feedings."

Sure these humans love us, and they gave us a pet or a chuck under the chin when they stop by. But due to their own busy lives, they must skedaddle out promptly after filling the food bowls, which leaves us looking at the closed door in bemusement. We’ve spent more than a few forlorn hours gazing out the front windows, waiting for the return of our caregivers.

Last night, the house was filled with noise and the hustle and bustle of many humans, toting in those strange-looking cat carriers without airholes ("suitcases," we told?), bags of foodstuffs of complete disinterest to felines (I heard enough rapturous comments about "European chocolates and baked goods" to last several lifetimes), human trinkets and baubles, and so forth.

They have returned.

Frank and I, having scoured the Internet during their absence, had built up some expectations about this trip and what we might be offered as homage upon the return of the wandering humans: a bit of weinerschnitzel from Austria? A dab of rare Danube salmon? Perhaps a supply of catnip harvested from the sunny slopes of a 13th Century monastery?


She brought us a small stuffed bear in a red sweater, cooing, “Oh, look, boys, it’s Trudi Bear from Vienna!” (We find it amusing, but somewhat pathetic, when humans make fools of themselves.)

Frank and I exchanged knowing looks and a silent pledge: That blooming bear will be earless by tomorrow, and a mere shadow of his stuffed self by week’s end.


Or perhaps not…



At July 16, 2009 at 8:19 AM , Blogger Linda said...

I'm betting on earless.

The look in his eyes in the second picture is slightly manic, don't you think? Reminds me of my son's when caught just prior to an act of destruction. Or during.

I had wondered how the boyz were faring during your holiday.

At July 16, 2009 at 9:25 AM , Blogger Gaile Gray said...

Ahh, I do see that gleam, now that you mention it. I had thought Win looked all cute and cuddly, as if he was settling in for a nap with his new friend. But perhaps there IS something going on there. A plot for wildly-dramatic plushie dismemberment, perhaps? :)


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