Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh! Christmas Tree!

Franklin and Winston are enjoying the season. They’re very intrigued by the tree, of course. In addition, they've found themselves indulging in all sorts of interesting new taste treats -- whether invited or not. (“Cream cheese salsa dip FTW!” they cheer.) Mostly, they're smitten with my plushy collection. I have plushies both on the tree and lined up along the back of the sofa. It's sort of a "Santa, and Reindeer, and Bears, oh my!" thing. Now, nary a day goes by that I don’t find a Christmas mouse or a Beanie Penquin in my hallway, under my bed, or down the stairway. There has been no actual damage (knock wood!) but it’s sort of like finding little seasonal corpses lying all over the house. ;)

I like to play the Musical Snoopy for The Boyz; this plushie even has flashing lights! They really get pretty excited about that little guy. Stepping closer, one will take a tentative bat at the toy, wondering if it will fight back. I figure by tomorrow, Winston (or will it be Franklin?) will have figured out how to trigger the music, and we'll be awakened to Vince Guaraldi (he's the guy who wrote that great jazz score for A Charlie Brown Christmas) at, say, 3:30 AM.

But the seasonal pièce de résistance is, as one might expect, the Christmas tree. It causes quite a ruckus when folks stagger into a little kit's house bearing eight or nine feet of Noble Fir goodness. The timing was questionable, I suppose: we got the real tree before we got the official kitty climbing tree. I feared Win and Frankie might compete in Swiss Rounds of “King of the Tree,” but thankfully, they resisted climbing altogether. They satisfied themselves with a thorough, five-sense inspection of the tree as we brought it in and have been busily removing all of the lower decorations since their installation.

I would say Win and Frankie give Christmas two paws up. And just think, they haven't even opened their packages yet! :)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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