Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Boyz: It's Vet Day

Yeah, we're thrilled. Mom said it's time to take us to The Man with the Pokey Things again. "It's to make sure you're healthy and thriving," she says. "Right," we say. "Obviously we're the picture of health -- leave sleeping cats lie!"

We quite like the Vet Assistant; her name is Michelle and she's great. She calls us "handsome," gives us pets, and pays us a decent level of homage. Her, we'll keep. But that veteran... vegetari... vertinar... that guy with the official jacket? Poking and prodding; distracting us with something shiny and jabbing us with meds? He's gotta go!

It's nearly more than a kitty can bear, y'know?

Kitties Chillin' in Their Carrier


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