Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cars and Caterwauling

The Boyz paid their first visit to the veterinarian today. Their carrier has been in the living room for the last weeks as a little "safe house" in case they wanted to have private time in their own space. It had become such an immobile fixture, they were a little startled when I scooped up the two of them and placed them inside, closed the door, and stepped outside into the Seattle mist.

They were silent in the car, both standing at attention, looking around curiously, swaying a bit as the car moved along. "What well-behaved little kits," I thought to myself, "maybe they'll be the kind of animal companions who like to take road trips." So I congratulated them both, saying "You guys are great little travelers."

And that's when all heck broke loose.

Winston started up with his squeaky mew. Franklin joined in with his somewhat lower tones. Soon it was “Oh the draaama!” and the competition began: Who can invoke the longest meow, the loudest lamentation, the most plaintive cry? Which can merge fear, anger, desertion, and neediness in a single sob? Shakespeare himself might have taken a lesson from the tragedy in their emotes! The paw on the forehead and the melodramatic rolling of the eyes was an excellent touch.

The vet tech thought they were beautiful little guys. She was so kind to George in his last years, it was fun to show her the new family members. The vet checked them both and gave them a 100% clean bill of health. He noted The Boys are 3.5 pounds each, precisely. Which, of course, doesn’t help us a bit in figuring out who is who. But at least the two whos are in topnotch shape!

Kitty Tip: As an after-vet pick-me-up, we recommend morsels of chicken breast, cheese, and pico de gallo from Taco Time. ;)

Franklin says, "You're taking me where?"


At December 5, 2008 at 3:48 PM , Anonymous Zahra said...

How about different colored collars (anti-flea?) to differentiate them? That sounds so much less barbaric than my first wine-addled thought (which I will keep silent). :-P

At December 5, 2008 at 9:50 PM , Blogger Gaile Gray said...

You know, Zahra, that's not a bad idea. Except, well, certain family members are opposed, thinking that collars look odd on small, indoor cats. Maybe the concept is that accessories will impact the... I don't know... streamlined feline appearance or something? :)

I've also been advised to get them those clunky, oh-so-unfashionable county kitty licenses, name tags, and other accoutrement. It's just that Franklin and Winston are so tiny and cute, I think I'd rather not get them into too much hardware. Well, until they turn into rough-tough emo teen kitties and come back with lip piercings, spiked hair (a la Rancid's Tim Armstrong), and multi-coloured tats. ;)

Oh the other hand, have you seen the great-looking collars they have at the pet shops these days? Tempting... very tempting...

At December 9, 2008 at 6:03 AM , Anonymous Rhonwyn said...

I had one in the shape of a kerchief for Poes. He looked awesome with it (but then, he was a very big cat, very sure of himself). Just find one that fits the cat, you will find it :D

Poes also hated the sound of the engine. He would cry the whole way to the vet, only to be quiet when I turned off the engine. I could leave him in the car (once I had to get gas on my way home) and he'd be quiet. Until I started the engine again...


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