Saturday, November 15, 2008


Welcome to my own space for Internets nonsense, a spot for various bits of personal stuff and such. (Yeah, that name was already taken.) I suppose this is the place for me to say the almost-obligatory "I hate blogs" or "I think bloggers are self-indulgent egoists" or something of the like. I mean, isn't blog-bashing sort of required for the blogging set? :) But hey, I've always thought blogs were a rather nice way to keep in touch, so I'll keep my disdainful sniffs for... I don't know... people who eat "Processed Cheese Food Products" or who recoil from Halloween as "Satan's birthday."

I tend to keep in touch by writing letters and emails. Loooong letters and emails. And when I'm super busy with work or other things -- which is usually always -- I tend not to write at all. Which means for some people, I've essentially fallen off the face of the earth. Nothing major there, but it does make me feel guilty. So I figure this is a new way to update friends on miscellaneous life things, like travel, personal projects, friends 'n' family, and other random news. And yes, I feel oh-so web-two-point-oh now! (Don't even get me started on that!)

You're free to read and comment. Or make a disdainful sniff and go about your business. :)


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