Saturday, November 29, 2008

Failed Flight

The kits were born on September 6th. This means they’re 12 weeks old today. They’re as frisky as ever, but with their slightly larger size, their speed has increased and their ability to wreak havoc has taken an exponential jump. Where they were going down the stairs one step at a time, they now race from top to bottom in a blur of brown-tipped fur. Where they once just gazed at far-off places — the top of the desk, the surface of the antique buffet — they’re now launching themselves onto these things with ease.

I’m quite sure Winston would prefer I not reveal his most recent attempts at scaling the heights, but it’s a "growth milestone" so I shall. :) Win spied a previously unexplored piece of furniture and, with his typical fearlessness, decided to inject himself into the stratospheric heights of the tall dresser (called, with typical French charm, a "semanier"). Winston stalked back and forth on the edge of the bed, judging the angle of trajectory and the potential landing spot. Then, despite my "Winston, I don’t think you want to..." he crouched, he wiggled, and he was off!

However, the top of the dresser was farther away than he had judged. And at the summit, unbeknownst to Winston, was not a smooth wood surface but a small attache case resting on the wood surface. The kitten's head barely crested the edge of the dresser; I saw the startled expression and the ears going back as he realized he'd missed his touchdown spot. However, he did manage to snag a paw onto the case handle itself and for just a split second, I think he believed he’d be ok, swinging himself up from below, Tarzan style. However, the case — in slow motion — slid towards the edge of the dresser with Winston still attached. Before I could make it across the room, both kitten and case had plummeted to the floor.

I tried to scoop up the little guy and check for any injury. He was perfectly fine, however, and was having none of my attentions. Clutching at the shreds of his catly dignity, Winston crawled out from under the case and stalked away, turning to look at me over his shoulder as if to say, "Next week — despite whatever obstacles you place in my path — I shall reach The Summit!"

Kitty Tip: All the best decorators know that having a pile of pillows under every piece of tall furniture in the house is "all the thing" in today's interior landscapes. ;)

Winston after his "expedition." 11 weeks old.


At December 2, 2008 at 6:29 PM , Anonymous Zahra said...

This reminds me of our cat (which we had to give to a family that could take him, as I have allergies). There are numerous such stories to tell, such as the time he tried to climb on the breakfast counter (attached to the kitchen counter, about 6 inches lower than) but got his paws on the weekly ads bag (they come in a bag in Quebec). Or the time we got him spayed (neutered?) and he tried to jump on the table, an easy jump for him, usually, that ended with his face not quite clearing the table. Thanks for the laugh, and don't forget to approve comments when you get them, otherwise, other people can't see them!

At December 2, 2008 at 8:19 PM , Blogger Gaile Gray said...

Isn't it funny to see the expressions on their faces when they slip up? Cats are usually so graceful -- I think it really hurts their pride when they look a little foolish.

Franklin got himself stuck in the handle of a plastic shopping bag last night. He was running around frantically trying to get himself untangled, the bag waving behind him. When I freed him, he couldn't slink away fast enough. I'm sure he hopes I forgot all about it by now. ;)


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