Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cat-astrophes -- Part Un

It’s been a cold winter here in Seattle. We’ve been pretty much snowed in for about 10 days, off and on. The temperature has been in the 30s for so long, it’s going to feel positively balmy when it gets back to the normal winter 40s. Being home with the kits has been interesting. I’ve made a few notes on their recent antics:

Morning Coffee, anyone? The other morning, I heard a significant crash from the direction of the kitchen. In my semi-awake state, I called out to the kits to knock off whatever they were doing, then fell back asleep. A half-hour later, I visited the kitchen, only to find my morning mocha all over the counter, rangetop, floor, new Christmas throw rug, and even inside the stove, in the glass panels that make up the door’s window. “Wow,” I said aloud in an admiring voice, “that took some doing!” Much discussion of “bad kitty behavior” ensued as I sponged, wiped, mopped, and scrubbed away the coffee. All the while, I was “helped” by two kittens who had absolutely no idea how the cup had been spilled! They suggested a “seismic event” or “marauding reindeer.”

Honest, Mom. It was reindeer. Eight of 'em!

Mmmmmmm…. Catsicle: I was peeking out the door the other day, checking out the snow. I looked around, no cats underfoot, all was clear to close the door. A few minutes later, I noticed Winston clawing at the front door. Thinking that was singularly unusual behavior, I looked around to see what Franklin was up to. No Franklin. Well, no Franklin until I opened the front door and found him wedged between the house and storm doors. Oh, don’t worry, there was plenty of room for him – he’s still a tiny little thing. The main problem was it was 24 degrees outside, and I’m not sure if I would have noticed him being amongst the missing for a while. Hence… the title. ;) (I hasten to add, I do cat-checks frequently and am obsessive about safety. Toilet lids down, rooms with tempting small objects have doors closed, etc. That one got by me, though. So now I do a nose count before I open the door and turn to do one again as I close it behind me. Honestly, these are pretty high-maintenance kitties! :)


At December 31, 2008 at 11:15 AM , Anonymous Linda said...

Well, good for Winston! Although he may have been jealous of Franklin's outing, rather than saving him, we can think the best. :)

Make them stay up tonight with you, and perhaps you can sleep in tomorrow. Party hats for everyone!

At December 31, 2008 at 12:40 PM , Blogger Gaile Gray said...

I really think he was trying to alert me, it's true. I gave much praise and petting for his "saving" his brother.

And about the New Year's Eve party, that's an excellent idea! I shall exhaust them with party hats, celebratory kitty treats, and bird-on-a-fishing-pole races!

I was up reading until 5:00 this morning and sure enough, The Boyz decided that I needed a wake-up paw about 4 hours later. I managed to get both of them sorta tucked in with me, but that didn't last long. After all, there were plushies to chew and catnip mice to pounce upon! :)

At January 1, 2009 at 11:21 AM , Blogger Didis said...

This reminds me of an "kittie-incident" i had myself once. Maybe you recognise the moments of stress when you have a plane to catch...

Putting all the holliday stuff into the car...i thought it would take just a second. I kept the door open...they wont slip away.

Unfortunately...the girl in the house thought...hallaluja...the big world. In a glimpse i saw her running outside to the car. She went right under it. In a attempt to catch her she started to go from beneath into the engine part of the car.
Oh my, my worst nightmare is coming through.

After some stressfull moments (you dont want to know how i got her out her hideout), I "rescued" little missie from this adventure. No time to look for injuries, gladly her brother gave her a big checkup. We had a plane to catch. We arrived just in time at the airport...
I know how it feels...on the other hand it was a typical day everything went wrong... After return, the car didn't want to start at the airport...kept the interior lights on...

Happy new kitty year Gaile.

At January 1, 2009 at 2:00 PM , Blogger Gaile Gray said...

Oh goodness, Didis -- what an adventure! Why is it the little rascals always sneak out when you're in a hurry and have something important to do?

And a very Happy New Year to you and yours. :)


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